Candy Floss Eye Set

Candy Floss Eye Set


With the right set of brushes any one can be an artist...


That's why you need these candies!


The Candy Floss Eye set.🍬This beaut bundle consists of 10 eye brushes you need for flawless eyeshadow.


This eye set comes with:


1. Brow carving concealer brush

2. Flat concealer brush

3. Mini brow carving brush

4. Fluffy eye blending brush

5. Tapered crease brush

6. Beaut blending brush

7. Flat shadow brush

8. Small shadow blending brush

9. Angled brow brush

10. Eyeliner brush



AND... the beaut Candy Floss Face eye set have pastel pink handles and beautiful white synthetic brush hairs, perfect for blending that flawless base. These candies are premium synthetic hair, the perfect luxury brush set.🍭




All our candies 🍬(makeup brushes)  are made from luxury synthetic fibres, ensuring they are extremely soft and perfect for blending