Candy Floss Queen Set

Candy Floss Queen Set


All hail the Candy Floss Queen!


Our Queen set is a MUST-HAVE for every makeup artist.

Our Candy Floss Queen set has 30 unreal makeup brushes-to perfect ANY makeup look. 

It is a combination of ALL Candy Floss brush sets! AND is LIMITED EDITION!


All Brush Candy makeup brushes are hand made from the most premium synthetic materials.


Candy Floss Queen Set:


-Face brushes:

    Including: Foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blusher, contouring and highlighter brushes.

-Eye brushes:

    Including: Blending, liner, transition, flat, brow, carving and pencil brushes.

-Duo Fibre brushes: 

    Including: Face & eye brushes.

-Lip brushes